Content Development, Product Management, Strategy, UX/UI/Development

Instilling creative confidence

With over 100 product categories, 1000 product pages, and 300,000 unique product configurations, how do we make it easy for Emtek customers to find, design, and buy exactly what they’re looking for?

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    A modern site for modern design

    Emtek is a premium manufacturer of customizable hardware for doors, cabinets, drawers, and closets. We worked with them to develop a modern site to help their consumer base easily find door knobs, hinges, or handles, made from the correct material, in the finish and size they need. This project challenged us to lean into all of our strengths—strategy, UX, design, product management, content creation, data, and more.

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    From Trade-only to DIY

    As the social-media-driven, do-it-yourself home renovation movement evolved, it became clear that Emtek had to focus on quickly and confidently getting its products into the hands of homeowners and designers. But due to their deep, customizable product offering, we had to build a clean, clear site along with a tool that could visualize each and every product configuration. This gave retailers, architects, designers, and trade show sellers the ability to walk customers through the product selection process in specific detail.


Simplifying a complex product offering

We mapped out user journeys for two customer sets: Buyers (developers, architects, designers, DIYers) and Sellers (the users guiding Buyers through purchases). We then integrated all product information into the site, building out its infrastructure, and kicking off UX/UI design. This involved refining search and filtering, creating a dealer locator, and more. Every step and input was strategically considered to ensure that, despite the complexity of the assortment, customers can see a visualization of each configured products.

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  • Product grid

  • PDP/Configurator

  • Favorites

  • Dealer locator, Dealer tools


Developing a design system

We created a web design system and component library that appeals to the different kinds of Emtek users, and includes a refined, modern visual language, a wide range of reusable components that support any content scenario, and a way to simplify the process of scaling the site—all while adhering to best practices and accessibility guidelines.