We stopped mall traffic in its tracks with evocative videos that drew people into the stores.

From ideation and strategy through storyboard design, shoot and post-production, we helped LensCrafters transform its POS window displays into an eye-catching video destination.

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    Setting our sights ahead.

    First, we dove right into research and created a content strategy around each persona within the LensCrafters demographic. We paired each character with a storyline that would translate well into video. Our creative and video production teams then partnered to storyboard a series of day-in-the-life videos showcasing people seeing life more clearly.

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    Framing the scene.

    Once we finalized the direction, we planned out every aspect of the shoot, from art direction and talent to location, and propping. Then we set out to shoot in each of the NYC boroughs and surrounding areas, showcasing our characters experiencing the emotionally evocative moments of everyday life. From a mom and son celebrating a special birthday to a couple sharing a quiet moment together, the videos focused on the ways that people connect with others.

  • 03.

    Seeing results.

    After the shoot, we brought the stories to life through our in-house editorial, animation and color-correction teams. Despite unique post-production challenges, such as different screen sizes and orientations in different stores, we worked diligently to deliver our videos to over 1,200 LensCrafters nationwide.


Looking forward.

We continue to partner with LensCrafters, producing video content for their digital front doors. Whether it’s insurance messaging or a service promotion, we develop live action, CG and eye-catching motion graphics that not only communicate their new brand vision, but pull customers into the store.

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    In-store videos do not have audio.

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    In-store videos do not have audio.

  • Insurance Benefits Motion Graphics Video

    In-store videos do not have audio.