Michael Kors

Creative Retouching, Global Color Management, Global Distribution, Global Print Production, Online Workflows

Spreading quality color through the world.

The Michael Kors team in New York City was tasked with leveraging their US brand campaigns across Europe and Asia. As a high-end fashion brand, global consistency is key. Initially, they worked with multiple vendors across different markets, where they quickly faced challenges in maintaining the quality of global image reproduction. thelab partnered with Michael Kors to consolidate the color management and reproduction of all their marketing campaigns through our international network.

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    Unveiling the season’s masterpiece.

    Various countries have different color and printing standards. Starting with the Michael Kors team in the US, thelab provides creative retouching for brand photo shoots. These photos ultimately become the foundation for their national and global campaigns. Once creative retouching is complete, we convert the approved campaign imagery to meet global color standards.

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    True colors, shining through.

    Our New York office is equipped to match the standards of every major global printer. From our temperature and humidity-controlled proofing room to our color management software—and even our wall paint and lightbulbs, our experts use best practices to ensure color consistency around the globe.

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    Shiny, bright, and just right.

    Once our New York team has approval on all North American assets, we convert the files to European and Asian color standards. From here, we send files to our London office to build all the press-ready files with the local copy and store tagging, which we route through our online approval system, and ultimately release to publications and printers.