Simon Malls

Branding, Digital production, Project management, Workflow solutions

We brought together 200 Simon properties and 15,000 annual deliverables with a single custom software solution.

Simon Malls is the world’s largest global owner of shopping centers with hundreds of properties across the US. After centralizing their marketing efforts during a rebrand, they suddenly had a small group handling over 1000 individual projects a month, and that’s where we came in to help streamline and simplify.


Creating a single process for malls across America.

First, we performed a comprehensive workflow audit to identify the different types of projects and their requirements. Once we assessed key stakeholders and processes, we implemented our software solution to connect the brand team, field team, media company, and properties. In addition, we enabled detailed task management and transparency at each stage of a project. The software provides a place for multiple Simon offices and vendors to collaborate within a single platform. From here, teams brief in jobs, review and approve work in progress, and have real-time access to past and present creative assets.

  • Brand managers can set up briefs with a few clicks.

  • Images are easily managed and selected through our software.

  • Once the design is complete, it is submitted for feedback and/or approval.


Small teams that take care of business.

As an extension of Simon’s creative team, we established the basic guidelines from their rebrand into an extensive library of templates and guidelines, ensuring a cohesive brand message. We also built a dedicated core team of project managers, graphic designers, studio artists, and developers to work exclusively on Simon projects. But unlike an in-house team, we’re able to pull in from our pool of photographers, retouchers, copywriters, video production artists, editors, and 3D animators. This means we’re able to adapt and accommodate any of Simon’s needs, recurring or one time only. From print work to out-of-home ads to video for digital signage, our flexible team works seamlessly alongside integrated project managers, freeing Simon from the burden of managing multiple vendors, hiring freelancers, or allocating in-house staff to jobs that do not require a full-time resource.

  • We standardized Simon’s look across 200 shopping centers, customizing imagery, location, brands, and more.

  • Projects ranged from bus wraps and billboards to barricades and web banners.

  • Our brand knowledge allowed us to manage localization needs as well.