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New ways to reach snackspressionsists

How do we help Frito-Lay connect directly with customers and gain valuable insights into their behavior?

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    Frito-Lay tapped us to build their very first direct-to-consumer site,, which opened a new channel for delivering beloved and hard-to-find snacks directly to passionate fans—especially important during a global pandemic. Perhaps just as importantly, this provided them with a well of consumer insights about the desire for different types of snacks based on taste preference, location, and more.


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As we built, we needed to focus on developing a site that could showcase an array of well-known brands—from Doritos, to Cheetos, to Grandma’s Cookies, and beyond. So we took an approach that provided flexibility to highlight different brands and promotions by defining clear guidelines that maintain consistency throughout all materials, providing a road map to grow as new snacks and features are added in the future.

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A simpler way to find snacks consists of a complex product assortment—different brands, snack types, and flavor profiles. It was imperative that we make it effortless for customers to find the snacks they love, and discover new snacks they’re soon to love. We even gave customers the ability to personalize their purchases with a Make Your Own Variety Pack feature.