Tempur Sealy International

CONTENT STRATEGY, COPYWRITING, Ecommerce Design and Development, Infrastructure, SEO, USER RESEARCH + TESTING

How do you help customers find a perfect mattress without leaving the comfort of their home?

With $3+ billion in sales, Tempur-Pedic’s world famous mattresses and bedding products have revolutionized how we sleep. As digital AOR for Tempur Sealy direct-to-consumer team, we’ve handled both everyday and big picture, to completely revamp how Tempur-Pedic sells online and through their call center.

  • 01.

    Rethinking Bedtime.

    When we were brought onboard to redesign Tempurpedic.com, we made sure to take a strategic, multi-phase approach, starting with a thorough audit. We studied research that Tempur Sealy had conducted with focus groups, and we did our own usability tests on their site. From there, we optimized components of the current site, while simultaneously mapping out the future site, offering the client short-term solutions while we made bigger plans.


Dreaming up a new site.

The next step was turning our game plan into a well-executed reality. We improved the buyer journey by adding comparison tools, bigger financing callouts, a simpler checkout process, and strategically placed product reviews. We created better content to help potential customers differentiate between Tempur-Pedic’s various products. We avoided typical mattress jargon with a friendly-yet-informative tone that instilled confidence in our products and services. Then we paired it with fresh photography to tell an aspirational story. Finally, we made sure everything responded perfectly for mobile shoppers who might be researching on the go.

  • We created a flexible homepage to support a variety of testable marketing messages.

  • From our user testing, we knew that people shopped primarily by feel, so we reprioritized messaging as a result.

  • We also recategorized our mattresses by feel.

  • Relevant bundled products were introduced to help with product discoverability.

  • Reviews were highlighted in key areas of the site to help further educate potential customers.

  • 03.

    A custom bed platform.

    As part of the redesign effort, we moved Tempur-Pedic from a proprietary third-party ecommerce solution to an open-source, self-hosted platform. We integrated a variety of internal systems to handle order tracking and fulfillment. This allowed the call center to consolidate their customer service interface into the new platform for seamless information sharing. Other site features, such as reviews and retail locator, were rewritten in the new python-based framework. Finally, we rethought the entire DevOps practice, including development, testing, deployment, and maintenance on top of Red Hat’s OpenShift platform.

  • 04.

    Keeping up the pillow talk.

    We know the importance of staying in touch with our customers. That’s why we worked closely with Tempur’s CRM team to develop and execute a strategy for customers in different parts of the purchasing journey, from research through purchase and post purchase. In addition to promotional communications, we developed a series of automated email flows to keep people engaged with the brand, working in tandem with direct mail and banner retargeting to reinforce product benefits—ultimately increasing online purchases.