Content Development, User Research + Testing, UX/UI

Helping small businesses with marketing

With an endless array of product configurations, how do we help Vistaprint create consistent user experiences?

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    Made-to-order marketing

    Vistaprint offers small businesses marketing solutions through made-to-order designs and custom printing for thousands of products like stickers, t-shirts, yard signs, posters, and more. They needed help streamlining their customer journey to create clear, consistent user experiences across a myriad of product categories and configurations.


Updating the design system

Our embedded team implemented a design process that focused on UX/UI iteration, frontend development, and user testing. We partnered with Vistaprint’s teams on a living, modular design system that improved their overall user experience, while creating visual brand consistency, and more internal team efficiencies.

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    User insights and testing

    To evaluate the brand needs, product needs, and user experience we conducted internal stakeholder interviews and implemented user testing across four main customer segments. This gave us the background and user insights needed to evaluate site navigation, category landing pages, product grid views, product detail pages, post design configurator, cross-sell opportunities, and checkout.


Simplifying product discovery

We made templates that easily adapt to different product categories to help guide users to the exact products they need. We then worked on a product configuration flow that inspires, educates, and quickly leads users to the gallery/design studio. This allowed them to visualize thousands of product options clearly so they can complete their orders smoothly.

  • Category Landing Pages

  • PDP Pre-configurator

  • Post Design Configurator