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Expanding into new markets

How do we help small-space home product specialistsYamazaki become more familiar to an American customer?

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    An evolution in style

    A household name in Japan, Yamazaki started as a small, family-run ironing board manufacturer over a century ago. As their customers evolved, so did they. Today they create truly unique, ultramodern products that are mindfully designed to improve and elevate the quality of small-space living.

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    Brand refresh

    Yamazaki is universally recognized for bringing simplicity, quality, and intelligent, considered design to everyday items. We had to develop their brand in a way that reflects this this mission and aesthetic while accelerating growth in the American market.


Site redesign

To help customers shop with clarity and confidence, we did a full redesign of Yamazaki’s ecommerce site, including user testing, content strategy, shopping flows. We used conversational, brand-aligned copy, offered “real life” imagery showing the multiple uses of Yamazaki’s products in a relatable way, offered reviews and user-generated content, and more. We also created tools to suggest multiple products to shoppers that would complement each other aesthetically and practically.

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A pandemic photoshoot

Over five days, across two locations, during the pandemic, we produced a photoshoot of over over 100 items for use on site. Our photography style worked to open up the brand and products to a more gender neutral audience, as opposed to being female-focused. It was integral to highlight the products in ways that showed their usability, functional design details, craftsmanship, and thoughtfulness of the intentions behind each item.